Effizienz in jeder Dimension

"2226 Effizienz in jeder Dimension"

2226 setzt neue Maßstäbe in der Kosten-, Energie- und
Flächeneffizienz. Allein wenn man es nur wirtschaftlich
betrachtet übertrifft 2226 jedes Standardgebäude. Die Life Cycle Costs (50 Jahre) liegen bei der Hälfte. Der jährliche Energieverbrauch beträgt mit 45 kWh/m² weniger als ein Drittel.

Nur einige wenige Quadratmeter der wertvollen Arbeits- oder Wohnflächen werden der Haustechnik geopfert. Die Intelligenz steckt in der Software. Sie läuft auf wenig Hardware in einem kleinen Server-Schrank. Weitere Bausteine für ein solides Investment sind die traditionelle Bauweise aus seit Generationen bewährten Baustoffen und die Nutzungsneutralität. Bei geänderter Nutzung lassen sich die Flächen jederzeit mit geringem Aufwand adaptieren.














Exceptional design proposals for the chalets by renowned architects are at hand. Representing a wide range of styles, these designs will entice you to let your own inspiration flow. Our architects are keen to learn about your wishes and adapt the individual proposals to meet your expectations, or they will work with you to design your own completely personal dream chalet from scratch. Of course you are also free to commission your preferred architect with the design of your completely personal chalet.

1b_Graber Pulver Dorfvilla

2_Matti Ragazz Hitz Dorfvilla

21_Oppenheimer Huesler



With over ten years of experience in the construction industry, we have become experts in this field and can guarantee excellent results due to our competence and commitment to our work. We carefully choose only high-quality building materials for our different chalet models; good quality and innovation are not just bywords to us.

After an initial informational meeting, we will support and advise you throughout the whole process, from the first drawing up of plans to the handover. Just tell us what your individual wants and needs are regarding both exterior and interior design (room division and amenities) and we will make your dreams come true.

Feel free to get in touch any time. We would love to meet with you.




In the exclusive chalet zone of the Holiday Village Andermatt Reuss, we offer you the opportunity to realise your dream of a unique chalet. You choose the location as well as the size of your parcel and your chalet. You may choose a parcel closer to the village with a garden and a beautiful unobstructable view or one on the banks of the Reuss or one directly facing the golf course.