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About Us

Gross Development


For over twelve years, GROSS DEVELOPMENT has been taking on new challenges in dynamic markets in both familiar and new locations. We have planned and implemented whole neighbourhoods, corporate centers, residential complexes and high street retail areas. Each and every one of these properties must be adaptable to a changing society over many decades, so we build with foresight whilst always keeping sustainability in mind. We keep a critical eye on our successes and are always looking for areas where we can do better, where we can save more energy and where one of our properties can react with more flexibility to changing requirements. We also ask ourselves what makes a property more attractive and what will still have value in 20 years. These are questions we take into consideration before every development.

The experience we have gained from implemented projects flows into every new development and leads to what society, city planners, companies and investors expect from us: properties built with the highest standards of quality, design and intergenerational permanence.

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