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"Sustainable Living" - Munich

The design for the new construction of 47 apartments for the elderly is based on a precise analysis of the location and its immediate surroundings. The site, idyllically situated in the Munich suburb, is occupied by the existing old people's centre at the north-eastern corner. The steeply rising terrain to the south characterises the village. The two new buildings are arranged so that together with the existing building an ensemble is created. The volume to the south accentuates the main access to the old people's centre.

The old people's centre and the new building are connected by a single-storey intermediate building. This intermediate building takes over various functions such as lobby and reception, serves as a communal lounge and meeting zone and is a circulation area between the old people's centre and the apartments for the elderly.



Architecture, Residential

Timeline                                 Status

2019                              Design proposal


Munich, Germany

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