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Project Development Management

Turning Your Ambitions into Tangible Achievements: Where Your Project Meets Our Expertise.


As a property owner, you face the intricate challenge of transforming a project idea into a well-planned venture. We offer comprehensive support and guidance across all scales of operation, tailoring our approach to varying levels of detail according to your specific requirements. Our central focus is on carefully balancing the interests of all project stakeholders, emphasizing the phased integration of relevant stakeholders.

Drawing from extensive experience, we specialize in crafting object strategies, feasibility studies, and economic assessments. We also excel in conducting competitive processes and competitions. Our interdisciplinary team possesses deep knowledge in fields such as architecture, urban planning, process management, real estate economics, and construction and planning law. This convergence of theoretical expertise and practical experience allows us to facilitate practical, holistic, and solution-oriented project development.

Project Management

Feasibility Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment

Community Engagement and Stakeholder Communication

Property Valuation

Zoning and Land Use Regulations

Real Estate Financing and Investment




Gross Development is assisting the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in planning its spatial expansion at both its existing and a new location. GD is supporting HSG in defining user-side goals and requirements, developing usage concepts, and managing the expansion projects

Feasibility Studies


St. Gallen



Conducting a thorough Site Analysis in Göschenen is essential to evaluate the feasibility of developing housing accommodations for ASA company's hotel staff. Understanding local conditions and constraints is vital for successful project realization.

Site Analysis




Full time

Project management for a private investor in the development of a multi-family house in Zurich. Our services include planning, budgeting, and coordination to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Project Management



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