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Apartment Val Val

Exclusive Living in the Swiss Alps

​Introduction to VAL VAL: Your Alpine Haven

Welcome to VAL VAL - an exquisite collection of 15 alpine residences in Andermatt, a breathtaking year-round destination in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Experience luxury amidst nature.

​Luxurious Residences and Penthouses

​Luxurious Residences and Penthouses

VAL VAL proudly presents 11 luxurious residences and 4 impressive penthouses. Each unit is a masterpiece of modern design, offering unparalleled comfort.

​Premium Owner Amenities

Elevate Your Lifestyle: Premium Owner Amenities

​Designed for year-round living, you can enjoy an aperitif on the communal terrace in summer or recharge in VAL VAL's private spa after a long day in the mountains. Your well-being is our top priority.

​In Conversation with the Architects

Design Excellence: Conversations with OOS Architects

VAL VAL pays homage to the traditional "Heimastil" with a blend of modern elements. Designed by the award-winning architects at OOS in Zurich, the design features light-filled spaces, high-end furnishings, and exclusive amenities.

Schedule a Viewing

MissionTake the Next Step: Schedule Your VAL VAL Viewing

​Learn more about VAL VAL and experience the unparalleled beauty and luxury of our residences. Contact us today to schedule an exclusive viewing. Your dream home in the Swiss Alps awaits!

​Make Andermatt Your Home

Take the Next Step: Schedule Your VAL VAL Viewing

​In Andermatt, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor sports, concerts in a 650-seat concert hall, and Michelin-star dining. Explore the historical beauty of this place and the endless possibilities for a fulfilling life.

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