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Andermatt Immobilien

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Here, four of the most important European rivers originate, and glaciers adorn the mountain peaks. In Andermatt, you can make the most of your day by enjoying high-alpine skiing in the morning and idyllic golfing in the afternoon. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or seeking tranquility in nature, Andermatt promises an unforgettable Swiss experience.

In the heart of the Urserental, Andermatt embodies the essence of Switzerland. This charming mountain village offers pristine alpine landscapes, a rich history associated with mountain passes, as well as plenty of sunshine, clean air, and crystal-clear water sources.

Dream Properties

in the Alps

  1. Apartments: The heart of the project, these 42 apartment buildings seamlessly blend modern architecture with the charm of a traditional Swiss alpine village. Apartment owners also have the option to generate income by renting out their units.

  2. Penthouses: The Chedi Andermatt hotel offers exclusive penthouses for sale, allowing buyers to exercise significant design freedom and create their dream home in the Alps.

  3. Hotel Residences: These unique properties combine the comforts of a holiday apartment with top-notch hotel services and access to a comprehensive sports and wellness facility, providing an ideal space for relaxation and enjoyment.

  4. Chalets: Fulfill your dream of owning an exclusive chalet, with options facing the golf course or offering beautiful views of the Reuss riverbanks. Choose from a selection of 28 chalet parcels to create your perfect Alpine retreat.

Nestled at an elevation of 1,444 meters above sea level, Andermatt has been a magnet for visitors from across the globe. The Alpine Ursern Valley offers a diverse array of year-round sports and leisure activities. In the summer, guests can enjoy biking, hiking, mountain climbing, and the highlight of the season, an 18-hole par 72 championship golf course designed to strict environmental standards, promising a spectacular and unforgettable natural experience. Winter transforms the region into a snow-sure wonderland, perfect for skiing, freeriding, snowshoe trekking, sledging, and more. The SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun is expanding to become Central Switzerland's largest ski area, boasting over 120 kilometers of slopes. Beyond outdoor adventures, Andermatt hosts a vibrant cultural scene, featuring everything from classical concerts to rock and schlager music, as well as spectacular open-air theatre performances.



Exemption from Lex Koller:

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG has a Swiss government exemption from Lex Koller, allowing international investors to buy and sell without special approval until at least 2030.

Exemption from Lex Weber:

All holiday apartments from Andermatt Swiss Alps AG are exempt from Swiss Second Home Law restrictions.

Special Rights for Buying Property in Andermatt


Andermatt Swiss Alps AG's properties can be your primary or secondary residence. Second-home buyers can rent their apartments to holiday guests for income. Andermatt Swiss Alps AG manages marketing, guest services, upkeep, bookkeeping, and more.

Attractive Rental Programme


Andermatt's tax advantages include Uri's low tax rates. The maximum income tax rate in Uri is Switzerland's second lowest, with no inheritance or gift taxes. Buyers can explore personalized tax solutions and residency options with cantonal authorities.

Attractive Tax Benefits


Andermatt's community thrives on the numerous year-round activities and events that bring people together. Whether it's summer hikes, winter ski outings, or cultural gatherings, there's always something happening in Andermatt. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy classical concerts, rock performances, and open-air theatre productions that add a cultural dimension to life in the Alps.

Year-Round Activities


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